Advice to Learners

The fact that you are studying from a distance does not mean that you are alone in your studies. Aside your course materials which will be promptly made available to you as soon as clearance and registration procedures are completed. The following are at your disposal and you are advised to make the most use of them:

  • Tutor support
  • Counselling support
  • Fellow student support
  • Administrative support
  • Library support

Mode of Course Delivery

At the Centre for Distance Learning, University of Benin, all students require good internet access to enable them to take advantage of the online learning resources available at the Centre’s online portal.  All registered students have access to the learning environment called Moodle. From this Moodle learning environment, students are able to:

  1. download course materials,
  2. submit assignment
  3. communicate with their tutors and fellow students
  4. submit assignments and
  5. receive feedback to assignments

The structure of our courses is very student-friendly and students are given the opportunity to communicate with their Facilitators/tutors/counselors when they find the need to.


Support Services

The learner support service is meant to enable them to achieve success in their academic pursuits. Students are encouraged to reach out to the learner support unit if they have any socio-psychological or academic needs which could include:

  1. Difficulty with the content of learning materials
  2. Difficulty with comprehending assignments
  3. Choice of program or course
  4. Issues with time management or reading skills
  5. Pressure of time
  6. Financial difficulties


The CDL has on ground these categories of personnel to provide learners with the needed support:

  • Tutorial facilitators
  • Counselors/Advisors
  • Administrative staff