Distance Learning Centre


Distance learning programme is predicated on the unwavering desire to provide opportunities for people all over the world to acquire knowledge and skills using the distance learning strategy in line with global best practices and standards thereby expanding access to quality higher education.

The University of Benin is mandated to produce and disseminate knowledge to ensure the development of the nation and the progress of humanity thereby emphasizing the continuous quest for excellence, access, equity and affordability.

The University of Benin shall establish a distinct and autonomous Centre for Distance Learning (CDL) whose main function will be to manage and coordinate distance learning programme in the University.


To provide opportunity and unlimited access to flexible and quality learning platforms for life long education that will lead to the development of the human mind to be creative, innovative and competent in areas of specialization, knowledgeable in entrepreneurship, excellence and dedicated service for meeting life challenges.


Specific Objectives

The cardinal objectives of the centre is to provide a platform for equitable and open access to higher education opportunities that will enable individuals realize their potentials and achieve their purpose in life. Specifically, the centre shall strive to achieve the following objectives:

  • To offer programmes that meet the needs of individuals in line with best global practices and standards through continuous and lifelong education.
  • Provide access to a flexible learning environment that would boost the generation of self-employment opportunities and raise level of productive abilities through the provision of flexible and quality higher education.
  • Collaborate with international bodies to ensure seamless and flexible access to quality higher education that meet global standards for all (Nigerians and other nationals alike) to realize their potentials.
  • To launch the University of Benin Centre for Distance Learning into global education market as an avenue of knowledge and intellectual resources centre through continuous and lifelong education
  • Provide unhindered and flexible access to quality higher learning and intellectual resources through seamless instructional communication technology platforms, nationwide.
  • Ensure the development of individual intellectual ability that would facilitate and promote excellence, creativity and innovation in a quality and flexible learning environment.