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How to Apply

Instructions on how to apply to CDL

  1. On the CDL Website menu, go to Portal Login and click on “Student Portal”.
  2. A new window will open. Proceed by clicking on applications on the top left.
  3. A window opens asking you to fill in some information, do so and click on send” login credentials to my email”
  4. A login details would be display  and also send to your email, kindly note it down and click on login  to proceed
  5. Once you login with your credentials click “edit application record”
  6. Fill in the information and click the “SAVE” button
  7. Click on Add-online payment
  8. Click on College-pay button
  9. Enter your card details  
  10. If payment is successful, “SUBMIT” application form
  11. If you have issues kindly contact  the support team